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Sat (24 Jul)

12PM Uploads - Fiction

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1PM Uploads - History and Geography

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2PM Uploads - Curated Book Bundles

3PM Uploads - Mixed Highlights

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3PM - Curated Collection by Lavelle (@lavelle.reads)

Collection Title: Escapism/ Introspection

One of the things I love most about reading is the equal opportunities for escapism and introspection that it presents. To open a book is to enter a different world, time period, perspective, and experience—but also, to perhaps see certain aspects of your own life reflected back at you, or to teach you new ways of shaping the way you live. Here are some books that will enthral, delight, and intrigue—and hopefully, stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.

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4PM - $1 Book Drops

5PM Uploads - Mixed Highlights

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5PM - Curated Collection by Jasmine (@wanderjas__)

Collection Title: Own Voices

These books aren't just about stories written by marginalized communities. It's shares about their journey and experiences that were often overshadowed in the industry. Written by Asian, Black & LGBTQIA+ authors, readers should pick these up to learn and relearn about the world.

6PM Uploads - Classics

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7PM Uploads - Vintage Reads

8PM Uploads - Personal Development

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9PM Uploads - Mixed Highlights

10PM Uploads - Young Adult

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